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Dry Eyes, Dry Mouth? Might be Sjogren’s Syndrome

Dry Eyes? Dry Mouth? Joint pain and/or fatigue? Sjogren’s syndrome (SS) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects the salivary and lacrimal glands, resulting in the classic presentation of dry eyes and dry mouth. Symptoms range from just dry eyes and mouth to joint pain and fatigue to arthritis and Lupus. Approximately 1.5 million… Read More »

The CDA Team Pays It Forward with Passion!

Recently ‪Dr. Fresch shared with the team at Clarendon Dental Arts an unexpected vendor rebate with one request… ‪#‎payitforward‬. We are so fortunate to have a team that is not only passionate and caring about our patients overall health and well being, but also the community! Here are three of the stories of how Anne, Sara and Michelle paid… Read More »

Breast Cancer and Periodontal Disease: Is There a Connection?

As a part of our commitment to continually learning and teaching about periodontal disease and its link to your total health, we’d like to share this recent new study about a link between breast cancer after menopause and periodontal disease. There are no large studies showing the link between periodontal disease a nd breast cancer.… Read More »

Ever Wonder: “How Do I Get Cavities?”

Even though dental enamel is the hardest substance in the body, it can be damaged. Dental decay, or caries, means the decay of the tooth’s hard tissues, i.e. enamel and pulp. Tooth decay is a sum of several factors. And… Clarendon Dental Arts has a brilliant new technology to detect questionable areas of dental decay… Read More »

Snoring Keeping You Up? They’ve Got an App for That!

The Apple iTunes app store was searched for snoring apps that allow recording and playback. Snoring apps were downloaded, evaluated and rated independently by four authors. RESULTS: Of 126 snoring apps, 13 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The most critical app feature was the ability to graphically display the snoring events. The Quit Snoring app… Read More »

Could Your Bottled Water Be Causing Your Cavities?

Saliva and cavities… Sometimes patients with even the best home care still get dental cavities- it is “just not fair”, huh? Well, technology is getting better and better and we have learned so much in the past few years as to why this is. You may noticed us testing your saliva pH? 6.8 is an… Read More »

Bacteria In Your Gut…

Did you know that some of the bacteria that is in your mouth is also sitting in your gut? Recent studies have shown that the bacteria that is in your intestines is causing some of the troubles in other parts of your body, including your mouth. Thus, probiotics have become more popular. There have been… Read More »

Unhealthy Mouth? Unhealthy Body.

What many people do not realize is that if your mouth is unhealthy, another part(s) of your body is (are) also unhealthy. Patients with gum disease have an increased propensity for heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. In reverse, those patients that have diabetes also have an increased chance of gum disease. Gum disease is the… Read More »

Why Are We Looking at Your Tonsils?

Why are we looking at your tonsils and throat and asking you if you snore? Our practice takes a very holistic and comprehensive view of your oral health. We have always said that your mouth is part of your body. Science is beginning to validate what we have known empirically all along. If there is… Read More »

Why the Team Ended up Flying Through the Air…

Trapeze School? Yep, I surprised the team. They didn’t know until we pulled up in the car – for a good reason.  AND, just to let you in on a secret – I am TERRIFIED of heights! I picked an activity that would stretch our minds (and bodies) beyond our usual limits. I KNOW that most… Read More »

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