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Chipped Teeth McLean| Restorative Dentistry Arlington, VA At Clarendon Dental Arts, Dr. Danine Fresch Gray and her staff welcome Arlington, VA area patients who are interested in quality dental care and the repair of their smile to make an appointment. When teeth have become chipped or damaged, it is essential that treatment is administered as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the smile or the natural tooth.

How does a Chipped Tooth Occur?

The primary reason why a patient might have a chipped tooth is due to trauma to the mouth. This can sometimes break off a portion of the tooth, or even cause a tooth to become cracked or knocked out. Restoring a tooth that has damage can be achieved in a few different ways. Some teeth can be repaired quickly with the use of composite resin bonding. This is a clay-like material the dentist can use over the tooth to reshape it and form the appearance of the tooth as it was before the damage occurred. Another option is to place a restoration such as a porcelain veneer over the tooth. These special ceramic facings are wonderful for the teeth near the front of the smile, as they provide coverage and disguise typical issues which may occur. Third, teeth near the back of the mouth, such as the molars, may be better suited for bigger restorations such as dental crowns. Dental crowns are ceramic restorations that a dentist may use to not only cover a tooth but offer an extra layer of protection against further damage. All of these options are suitable for patient consideration at Clarendon Dental Arts.

What if a Tooth is Lost?

If a tooth has been damaged to the point where it has detached from the smile, then patients may need to ask about tooth replacement options such as dentures, bridges, or dental implants.

Repair Chipped Teeth Today with the Assistance of Dr. Danine Fresch Gray

Call Clarendon Dental Arts today at (703) 525-5901 and speak with our front office team about booking an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington, VA. Our practice accepts new patients and families who are seeking comprehensive dental care with general, cosmetic, and restorative options.

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