Enjoy Professional, in-office Whitening for a more Brilliant and Beautiful Smile!

  • Posted on: Nov 30 2018
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Teeth Whitening Arlington VAAt Clarendon Dental Arts, patients often ask their dentist in Arlington, VA about the ways in which they can enhance their smile. In addition to treatments such as composite resin bonding and porcelain veneers, patients may ultimately just want a more brilliant and beautiful smile! This is when solutions such as professional teeth whitening are often discussed with individuals who are ready to achieve a more attractive look.

Professional whitening solutions

While there are often whitening products available over-the-counter, many of these fall short of providing the results patients desire. Dr. Danine Fresch Gray and her team are dedicated to helping patients enjoy professional results with stronger, more concentrated whitening solutions. At our practice, we offer professional bleaching treatments that guarantee more whitening and longer-lasting results than anything available at the local drugstores. Skip the oral health care aisles and instead, book an appointment with Clarendon Dental Arts to discuss more effective options.

Our in-office power bleaching sessions provide amazing same-day results for patients who are ready to take a few hours out of their day for the entire process. Patients start with a dental cleaning, where tartar and plaque are removed from the surfaces of the teeth. Then, barrier gel is applied to the gum tissue to protect it from the whiteining gel which is applied to the tooth enamel immediately after. A specialized light activates the ingredients and allows patients the chance to relax while their smile is rejuvenated! Afterwards, patients will notice their smile is several shades whiter when they leave the dental office!

Make an appointment with Dr. Danine Fresch Gray today!

The team of Clarendon Dental Arts in Arlington, VA is here to help with achieving beautiful, healthy smiles, while also addressing common concerns such as discoloration of the natural teeth. Patients are welcome to book an appointment with our staff to learn about the options available to them for enhancing the smile. Contact the office located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard at (703) 525-5901 today to schedule your initial consultation visit. This is the time during which our team can determine one’s candidacy for treatment!

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