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Dr. Danine Fresch Gray of Clarendon Dental Arts i

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s a dental professional who is ready and willing to accept patients interested in cosmetic treatments such as professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is one way for a patient to brighten their smile up to eight shades whiter, ensuring they have a smile that is not only healthy but looks beautiful as well!


What is Professional Teeth Whitening?


Over-the-counter whitening products such as strips and trays often fall short of providing results patients truly desire. Dr. Danine Fresch Gray and her staff are dedicated to helping patients achieve results by investing in professional-grade products. Her practice offers two methods of whitening, including in-office power bleaching and take-home trays. Both are available to help in lifting deep stains and brightening the smile in as little as one visit to the dental office.


Which Treatment Option Should I Choose?


For patients seeking the best value in whitening their smile, our take-home whitening system is a popular choice as it is less expensive. It includes a custom whitening tray and a gel bleaching solution that are used daily to achieve results. However, some patients want faster improvements. These patients will want to ask our team about our in-office power bleaching, which allows for whitening in approximately one hour. In some cases, patients may be able to combine both treatments to ensure fast results and continued maintenance over time. Finding the best treatment option for you will be determined during an initial consultation appointment and evaluation with our staff.


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If you have been curious about teeth whitening options available through a more professional channel, we encourage you to stop checking out the oral health care aisle at the local drugstore and start working with a dentist for bleaching solutions. Dr. Danine Fresch Gray of Clarendon Dental Arts proudly offers a variety of teeth whitening solutions for patients to use in enhancing their smile and ensuring they get a return on their investment. Call her practice at (703) 525-5901 and visit the office at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard in Arlington, VA.

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