Vegas Baby! And Learn We Did!

One of Clarendon Dental Arts’ core values is continuing education. I take over 100 hours of continuing education each year-and our team is up to 200 hours this year. I have always believed that education is the foundation to success in almost every aspect of life. Obviously, keeping up with core dental knowledge, including materials, technology advances and scientific research (all of which change daily) is key to helping our patients. However, education also includes improving self and allowing team members to explore topics of interest in dentistry, as well as in self improvement.  Team members share their education with patients and blossom in this environment-no one can take your education away from you. It not only enriches the office experience and allows our team to be the best advocates for our patients!

Vegas. Of course we had some fun too! Celebrating together creates joy and respect which translates to better relationships with our patients.

What we learned:  The AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) is the premier world organization for high-tech and cosmetic-driven education. A few things we took away from this trip:

  • Techniques for better selection of materials, especially crowns. Crown materials have changed rapidly over the past 5-10 years. Science is crucial. Impression techniques like our updated scanner helps to keep costs in line. However, cheaper is not better. Make sure that labs are certified. (There are labs overseas that are using toxic materials).
  • Perfecting smile design. Learning from the mistakes and successes of the world’s best dentists is always humbling
  • How sleep affects lip and gum design. Sleep, bruxism (clenching and grinding), and reflux are quickly becoming more mainstream in the medicine-dentistry world. I will be speaking to this topic more and more after I attend The American Sleep meeting in June. Stay tuned!
  • Techniques for more conservative preparations. Bonding techniques help us act more proactively, but conservatively.
  • Patient education modalities – As humans, we want information and education. We are also resistant to change and it is difficult to incorporate new habits.  We learned how to best deliver information to our patients in a positive, uplifting way, so patients have ho
  • How to use social media to educate patients and share what is really important

I look forward to telling you more about our trip when we see you next!  Danine Fresch Gray, D.D.S.

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