Benefits of an electric toothbrush

  • Posted on: Mar 15 2020
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Preventative Dentistry in Arlington, VAEveryone knows that brushing the teeth after every meal is one of the most effective ways of maintaining oral health and wellness. But what about the tools you are using to do so? Is an electric toothbrush far superior than a traditional toothbrush?

Electronic toothbrushes are available at most stores and drugstores. They can range in price dramatically, with some models as inexpensive as five dollars and others over $100. Many of these toothbrushes can be extremely beneficial to patients. Electric toothbrushes have special benefits, such as motion scrubbing and vibration that is incredibly helpful in ensuring all areas of the smile are cleaned properly. Some toothbrushes have special sensors that can indicate if one is brushing too aggressively, while others have timers that can ensure toothbrushing lasts as long as necessary. Additionally, electric toothbrushes can be extremely beneficial to children. Children may not fully understand the importance of thoroughly brushing their teeth. An electric toothbrush with a timer can assist younger children in improving their oral health. Brushes can be replaced easily with the purchase of new brush heads at the store, and many electric toothbrushes can last many years with proper care and handling.

Why choose an electric toothbrush?

There are many advantages to electric toothbrushes which make them a highly desirable solution for patients serious about maintaining their oral health. When compared to the use of a traditional, non-electric toothbrush, many patients enjoy thorough cleaning of the teeth and may experience less dental problems including periodontal disease and tooth decay. With continued use, most patients improve their oral health and wellness. It is also important for patients to visit their dentist regularly, at least every six months, for a cleaning and evaluation to complete their oral health regimens. Patients can also ask their dental team at Clarendon Dental Arts about other ways to improve their oral health.

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