Do Implants Have a Few Things over Natural Teeth?

  • Posted on: Aug 30 2018
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Restorative Dentistry | Clarendon Dental Arts | Arlington, VAOne can’t really say that it would be better to have a full mouth of artificial teeth than to enjoy the benefits of your natural teeth. Consequently, we intend to help our patients maintain the teeth they were born with. We do this by performing comprehensive exams and cleanings, and by repairing damage as quickly as possible if it does occur. One of the treatments that we perform on a routine basis is tooth replacement with dental implants.

There are several reasons why dental implants are beneficial, primarily because they mimic natural tooth structure. Patients appreciate that their replacement teeth look and feel natural. There is no slipping or rubbing for denture-wearers, and they can continue to enjoy a variety of foods. This isn’t all, though. In some ways, dental implants and ceramic crowns and bridges give natural teeth a run for their money. Here’s how.

No Decay

Dr. Gray has performed hundreds of dental implant cases from beginning to end. One of the common reasons that extensive tooth replacement is needed is widespread decay. In such circumstances, patients often suffer ongoing pain due to diseased teeth. When teeth are replaced with high-grade ceramic and roots are replaced with surgical-grade titanium implants, pain transitions into a thing of the past.

Dental decay is a common concern that disappears with dental implants. However, it is essential that oral hygiene continues after implant treatment. Without daily brushing and routine dental checkups and cleanings, there is a risk for gum disease. Gum disease is a progressive infection that can cause bone deterioration if proper treatment is not obtained.

Better Bone Health

Multiple research studies have confirmed that bone loss occurs after tooth loss. Furthermore, it has been discovered that the reason we lose bone after we lose teeth is that the force of chewing travels through teeth and their roots to the jawbone. This transfer of energy is necessary to stimulate regeneration of bone. Therefore, without it, bone density decreases a little with every passing year. As studies have evaluated the effects of dental implants, we have learned that the titanium posts take over in terms of inciting bone growth.

Lifetime Use

The durability of results is one of the aspects of restorative dentistry that creates value. Studies on dental implants suggest that, with proper care, implants can be remain in the jawbone for 30 years. Because “good care” is so easy, it is natural to expect long-term results from the implant process.

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