Tips for Caring for Full and Partial Dentures with Dr. Danine Fresch Gray

  • Posted on: Oct 15 2019
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Dentures are a wonderful, economical solution to tooth loss for many Arlington, VA area patients. Dr. Danine Fresch Gray may recommend them for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Both partial and full dentures are commonly used to replace teeth and may be removable for easy care. To extend the longevity of dentures, our team encourages patients to take good care of them and to follow these tips and recommendations for adding years of life to dentures!

  • Rinse dentures off regularly. Whenever you remove the dentures from your mouth or put them back in, it is important to rinse them to remove any loose food particles that may have become stuck on the surfaces of the dentures.
  • Be careful with your dentures. Dentures can warp, bend, or break in different situations. By taking great care in handling your dentures, you can avoid repairs and replacements. One tip for ensuring dentures do not break from droppage is to put a towel in the sink or on the counter when handling dentures as a preventative measure.
  • Use denture solution to keep dentures clean. When dentures are not being worn, they can be placed in a glass with denture solution to keep them clean and moist. These denture solutions may have certain chemicals in them, so make sure to rinse the dentures before putting them back into the mouth.
  • Take care of the rest of your smile. Even with dentures, you need to practice good oral health habits to take care of remaining teeth, gum tissues, and bone. If conditions such as periodontal disease occur, it can affect the bone and cause unwanted changes in the fit and function of dentures that will need to be addressed by a professional.
  • Visit the dentist regularly. Bring your dentures with you when you visit the dentist for cleanings and examinations and notify Dr. Danine Fresch Gray if you experience any changes in the fit of the denture.

Learn more about denture care with Dr. Danine Fresch Gray

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