5 Signs That Patients Should Replace Their Dental Fillings

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2020
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Dental fillings are one way for a dentist to help a patient treat cavities within their smile. These composite resin fillings ensure patients are protected against their cavity getting larger and causing more damage. They are also aesthetic in appearance which makes  them difficult to discern from natural tooth enamel. However, dental fillings do not last forever. So when should you have your fillings replaced?

There are several things to pay close attention to to determine if your filling should be replaced by a dental professional at Clarendon Dental Arts in New York, NY. Below are a few factors to consider:

  • Signs the filling has been lost. If a filling has become loose, it can allow food particles and plaque to stick to the inside of the tooth and problems such as pain may develop. Getting these fillings replaced as soon as possible is important, especially when it comes to removing what has entered into the tooth.
  • Damage to the smile. If you have had conditions such as tooth decay or periodontal disease that has impacted your smile, your dental fillings may need to be replaced—and replaced more frequently over time. Maintaining good oral health habits can help mitigate this possible problem.
  • Sensitivity. If the filling has become cracked or loose, patients may experience sensitivity as they did when they had their cavity. Replacing the dental filling will seal the tooth and protect the nerves and dental pulp from damage.
  • Staining/discoloration. Depending on the area of the smile where the filling is placed, patients may notice discoloration of their composite resin fillings. When this occurs, it can negatively impact the appearance. Many patients will choose to have their fillings replaced when they become discolored.
  • Routine visits. During a routine dental visit, the dentist can check the fillings to ensure they are functioning properly and do not need replacement. If they do need to be replaced, Dr. Danine Fresch Gray will advise patients accordingly.

Are you in need of dental filling replacement?

Contact Dr. Danine Fresch Gray of Clarendon Dental Arts today to schedule an appointment. The practice can be reached at (703) 525-5901 and the practice is located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard.

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