Restorative dentistry procedures such as fillings can be used to treat areas of tooth decay

Fillings | Arlington, VAAt Clarendon Dental Arts, dental patients in the area of Arlington, VA are available to help individuals with a variety of general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Dr. Danine Fresch Gray and her staff work closely with individuals to help them decide the best possible treatments for their specific needs. When tooth decay is affecting the smile, patients can have their dentist perform a procedure to maintain the natural tooth structure and stop the cavities from getting deeper into the tooth. This procedure is called a filling.

What is a filling?

When tooth decay strikes the smile, it can cause small holes in the enamel of a tooth caused by acids and sugars that eat away at the structure. With a proper diagnosis, our dental team can provide treatment in the form of a filling. Fillings are used to fill the area of decay and seal off the tooth to keep the cavity from becoming bigger and more problematic. At our practice, we focus on safe and aesthetic fillings using composite resin bonding. This material is tooth-colored and is placed into the area of decay after it has been prepared and disinfected. The composite resin material covers the hole made by decay and keeps it from becoming larger and deeper. This, in turn, can save the tooth from extensive damage which may ultimately require the patient to extract the tooth entirely.

What if I need a really large filling?

There are situations that may arise in which the area of decay is extremely large and deep. While a filling can still be placed, a lot of the tooth’s natural structure may need to be removed. In cases such as this, our dental provider may recommend not only a filling but the placement of a dental crown over the tooth. The crown, or “cap,” can cover the natural tooth structure and offer an extra layer of strength and protection.

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