How Invisalign Orthodontics Can be Used to Enhance the Smile Without Brackets and Wires

At Clarendon Dental Arts, patients in the community of Arlington, VA are welcome to ask about ways to enhance the smile, especially when misalignment is a concern. Most patients think of metal bracket and wire braces which are used to realign the teeth within the dental arch. However, because of this, many patients avoid having the conversation with their dentist about improving the alignment of the teeth. Thankfully, with continued improvements in dentistry, patients can speak to us about the advantages of alternatives such as Invisalign.

Understanding Invisalign treatment

Improving the alignment of the smile is not only beneficial for the appearance of the smile, but for the alignment of the dental arch for better functionality. Using Invisalign, patients can achieve these improvements.

Instead of using metal brackets and wires to reposition the teeth within the arch, patients can utilize clear plastic aligner trays made exclusively for their smile. This makes it not only an effective way to improve the alignment of the teeth, but to do so in a more discreet manner than traditional metal brackets and wires. When in place, these trays are difficult to discern from the natural teeth. This makes them a very wonderful method of improving the smile for patients who may otherwise be turned off at the idea of traditional braces.

Who is a candidate for Invisalign?

Not everyone is appropriate for this method of treatment. Patients who have mild to moderate misalignment of the smile may be better suited for Invisalign. Invisalign can work for patients who have:

•                Overbites

•                Underbites

•                Cross bites

For patients with more several case of misalignment or overcrowding, traditional braces may still be a suitable solution for their specific needs. During an initial evaluation with our dentist, patients can find out if Invisalign is appropriate for their smile and can provide the results they desire to achieve.

Ready to work with the team at Clarendon Dental Arts to improve smile alignment?

Contact the dentist of Arlington, VA to speak to our professional about the ways in which Invisalign orthodontics can address malocclusion. The practice is located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard and can be reached by calling (703) 525-5901.

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