10 Years as a Dentist in Arlington, VA!

As we celebrate 10 years as a dental practice in Arlington, VA, it is the staff and our amazing friends/patients that have built our success. Here, we detail our top 10 favorite moments.

10. Hawaii Baby!

Our first scientific convention together in Hawaii (2009) to start the American Academy Cosmetic Dentistry Accreditation. The accreditation process has been the best investment we’ve ever made, not only making all of us better esthetic clinicians, but it has solidified the team.

9. Thank You Card

Receiving a hand-written card that was mailed to the office thanking me for being more of a friend than just being her hygienist.

8. No Fear! 

Getting fearful patients to stop taking medications before they come into the office. And, patients who never slept well before coming in for a cleaning now look forward to it.

7. Bonding, but not the kind you are thinking of…  Bonding with Michelle on our afternoon off on our Boston trip.

6. Bingo!

Our conversion in 2003 from film to digital x-rays, after 2 months, bingo! We saw so much more that we had to determine a new baseline for diagnosis.

5. The Boss Lady

Having the most caring boss in the world is memorable everyday.

4. Invisalign

10 years, 100s of cases, the technology has dominated the dental field, allowing us to treat so many more cases than was possible with “metal braces.”

3. Orange Line

Clarendon is no longer an “exit” on the orange line, it is now a booming urban center!

2. Mouth, Mind and Body Solidifying our mantra of “Mouth, Mind and Body”. We are excited the world is starting to understand the integration of oral health with general health.

Number 1? Happy Endings….

“I had headaches every day for 3 years and now they are gone after Invisalign treatment and restorative care.”

“I lost 20 pounds and I’m a different person. I could not eat food properly and never understood that my mouth is an integral part of my health.”

 ”I finally smile. I have not smiled since I was a teenager. People look at me in a different way now.”

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