Heart Attacks – #1 Killer in the U.S.

Beat the Heart Attack Gene | Clarendon Dental Arts Recently Dr. Fresch obtained a preceptorship certificate by attending a multi-day heart attack and stroke course. (Bale-Doneen method: Beat the Heart Attack Gene: The Revolutionary Plan to Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes.)

Heart attacks have remained the #1 killer in the US since the early 1900’s (minus the 1918 Spanish Flu Epidemic) and strokes are the number one cause of disability.

How Does Heart Health Connect With Your Dental Health?

Heart Attacks - #1 Killer in the U.S. | Clarendon Dental Arts Why do I care about your heart health? One of the root causes of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes is periodontal disease and undiagnosed or untreated dental disease. Myself and our team at Clarendon Dental Arts are leaders in the oral-systemic field. We continue to educate patients as they journey towards optimal health and well being.

Many of you see us more than you do your physician – so it is important that we continue to be an integral part of your health team (especially when we see things that are affecting your general health). Hopefully you know by now that we create beautiful smiles with a foundation of function and health. But, most importantly, we want to keep you healthy for a lifetime!

Steps to Maintain Both Your Heart and Dental Health

Because there is so much information to share I will summarize several points. Most importantly, you should be asking your physicians to deliver you care that is above the minimal standard of care and they should be reinforcing the necessity of optimal oral health.

If you are in need of a recommendation for a physician, please ask us! WE CARE about you.

  • Lifestyle remains one of the most important risk factors. Smoking, Diet and Exercise (exercise out performs weight). Keep MOVING!!!!
  • Sleep deficiencies or fragmented sleep increases heart attack risk.
  • Keep up with flu and Shingles Vaccines (the new one). Both flu and Shingles can increase your risk for a cardiac event.
  • Lowering your systolic blood pressure from 140 to 120 decreases risk for heart attack by 33%!
  • Although cholesterol is important, it is actually the little parts of the lipids (apoB) that is the most indicative of risk-should be part of your blood work (a $20 test).
  • Genetic markers should be part of your check up blood screen (for example: Lipo (a)-predisposes you to Cardiac event- and can be treated!, 9p21 is the heart attack Gene. ApoE can influence your dietary responses.
  • Make sure the physician is checking your inflammation markers (Fibrinogen, Microalbuminuria-MACR, hs-CRP)
  • Sonogram of your carotid and femoral arteries (a test < $200) shows if you have any plaque in your arteries.

These are just highlights. Your physician should know you best. Know that we are screening you for dental risk factors!

Evolving and growing are inherent to making your experiences positive. Please know that we always want feedback and humbly attribute our success to you, the patient.

Hugs & Great Health, Danine Fresch Gray, DDS

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