Links Between Oral Health & General Health

Dr. Danine Fresch and Anne, Clarendon Dental Arts dental hygienist, attended the first oral/systemic symposium. There were 12 presentations from the world’s leading researchers about the links between oral health and general health.

Did you know that there is a paper published about dentistry every second in today’s global world? That means that our dental office team has an even bigger responsibility in 2014 to help our patients discern truth from fiction. Sometimes that is a challenge because facts are not always easily discernible. Sometimes cause and effect type of research is the best that we have available to us. What is a fact: I believe that our dental team will become more important in coming years in identifying health risk factors as part of general health. 30% of US patients are unaware they are at risk for diabetes and heart disease.

We are not far away from testing saliva easily to determine markers for many cancers, heart issues, diabetes and viruses. We already know that gum issues correlate with risk factors for diabetes and heart disease.
We also learned about oral health implications from cancer, osteoporosis implications for implant success, oral bacteria in ICU intubation setting and bacteria micromes.

Bottom line: Your oral health impacts your general health!  Mouth, Mind and Body will become even more important as the years transpire!

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