Oral Cancer, Early Detection

Tony Gwynn – San Diego Padres –  Passes Away from Oral Cancer. 

Did You Know?

 1) Each day 24 NEW people are diagnosed with oral cancer?

2) 42,000 die each year of oral cancer?

3) The risk factors for oral cancer have changed dramatically over the last 10 years? Unfortunately,Tony chewed tobacco which put him at a high risk. Smoking and drinking were the largest risk factors affecting 40+. Today, 20-30 yr. are at high risk due to the increases in HPV.

4) Clarendon Dental Arts in Arlington, VA completes an oral cancer 6-step exam at your re-care visits. We strongly encourage a Vizilite screening, as well each year. Oral cancer detected early has a large treatable record.

5) Clarendon Dental Arts are GOLD members of the OCC organization. Look for our “I had my oral cancer check” stickers at your next re-care appointment. It helps spread the word!

6) One of our dental friends, Eva Grayzel is a great storyteller and uses her gifts to spread the word about her own oral cancer story. Enjoy the YouTube video…But love the message. Tongue-tied – A Story Not Silenced by Oral Cancer.

7) Some good news has been discovered regarding the treatment of oral cancers. A repair protein, ERCC1, has been shown to be a possible prognostic biomarker for survival among patients treated with radiation after surgery.(3)

As the human papillomavirus negative (HPV) (-) squamous cell head and neck cancer (SCCHN) is associated with a poor prognosis and decreased response to treatment, one group studied the correlation between protein-based biomarkers related to DNA repair, mitotic regulators and apoptosis in a tissue microarray (TMA) of HPV(-) SCCHN.(4) The researchers concluded that four proteins that are essential in cell replication, cell death, and DNA repair could lead to improved targets for therapy against head and neck squamous cell cancers that are resistant to treatment.(4)

The definitive goal is to understand a tumor’s protein signature and underlying biology so that, in the future, researchers can better understand treatments that are likely to be valuable to those with head and neck cancer.

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