Do You Have Ultra-Sensitive Teeth? So Does This Dentist in Arlington, VA!

Sensitive Teeth? Do you dread simple routine cleaning? Our laser treatment is the answer…

But, don’t take our word for it… read what one ultra-sensitive “patient” had to say. (Don’t judge her, she has even had root canals and a crown, but she is still a bit of a “pain” when it comes to cleaning, and she flosses EVERY night! )

I wanted to write a short piece on this topic because I experienced such positive results last week when Anne cleaned my teeth.  Believe it or not, I too, have ultra sensitive teeth!

I finally got the A+ experience last week. Anne used the laser on my entire mouth and I felt absolutely NO sensitivity during the cleaning!

So, I want to encourage those patients who may benefit from this technology to try it! It may take a smidge extra time for the appointment, but the results exceed that obstacle!

Dr. Danine Fresch.

Posted in: Preventative Dental Health

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