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Smile Rejuvenation Arlington, VADr. Danine Fresch Gray of Clarendon Dental Arts proudly offers her patients a myriad of solutions for their smiles, including full smile rejuvenation. Also known as full mouth rehabilitation, full smile rejuvenation is a way to completely change the appearance and function of the smile when several issues are in play.

Smile rejuvenation

Smile rejuvenation is an effective way of addressing many concerns at once. Patients may be struggling with imperfections and problems such as missing teeth, broken teeth, or teeth that are stained and permanently discolored. When situations such as this occur, it can be difficult for patients to decide as to how to move forward with their cosmetic and rehabilitative needs. At Clarendon Dental Arts, our professionals work closely with patients to design a treatment plan that can be done in just one appointment if patients desire.

Smile rejuvenation may include a variety of dental procedures combined together to rehabilitate the teeth and gums. Some of the procedures used in smile rejuvenation include:

• Porcelain veneers – these thin facings are bonded over the front of a tooth to disguise imperfections

• Composite resin bonding – this tooth-colored material can hide gaps between teeth or reshape teeth that are unusual

• Professional teeth whitening – boosting the color of the natural tooth enamel is sometimes the first step in rejuvenation, as future restorations are made to match the new smile’s color

• Dental crowns – broken or weak teeth can benefit from the placement of dental crowns, which offer an extra layer of protection

• Dentures – partial or full dentures may be used to replace missing teeth and restore functionality of the smile

• Dental implants – single or multiple teeth can be addressed with dental implants, which are small titanium posts that are placed into the bone of the jaw during oral surgery

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Dr. Danine Fresch Gray is a dentist in Arlington, VA who is dedicated to providing smile rejuvenation services for new and existing patients. Her facility is located at 2700 Clarendon Boulevard and can be contacted by phone to book an appointment at (703) 525-5901. Patients who are new to the practice are welcome to find out more about our facility during an office tour.

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