Could Your Bottled Water Be Causing Your Cavities?

Saliva and cavities…

Sometimes patients with even the best home care still get dental cavities- it is “just not fair”, huh? Well, technology is getting better and better and we have learned so much in the past few years as to why this is.

You may noticed us testing your saliva pH? 6.8 is an ideal pH for your mouth to combat cavities. Lower than that, you saliva is acidic, and causes decay and thus cavities. Can you change the pH in your mouth? Actually, you can! A high protein, arginine rich diet (spinach, soy, nuts, seafood) will actually raise the carbonate in your parotid glands and make your mouth saliva more basic.

Also, when you drink soda AND many bottled waters that have a pH lower than 6.8 (acidic), you cause decay. Check the pH before you put that bottled water on your nightstand. Better yet, check the pH before you buy!

Finally, if you suffer from Acid Reflux, the acid that comes back up into your mouth causes decay, and thus cavities.

It obviously is more complicated than this. BUT, there is encouraging evidence that we may be able to help you to eliminate cavities.

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