Team “Bonding” – AACD 2015

As the newest member of the CDA team, I was thrilled to travel to San Francisco with the team to the 2015 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry annual training and seminars.

It was a unique experience! From the various different courses that covered the individual spectrums within the field to the team building guest speakers, I learned various tips and performance techniques that will serve me to improve my assistance to our patients.

Clarendon Dental Art’s primary focus of  “mouth, mind and body” was reinforced throughout the week. It was emphasized that:

  • It is key for patients to understand that routine dental care is just as important as preventative medical visits.
  • Patients understand that we are their health advocates in understanding their state of health orally as well as overall health.

It was exciting to experience how different dental offices are and what sets us apart as a practice. Throughout our trip, it was interesting to see how although each practice member has a special role within the office whether it be an assistant, patient liaison, or dental hygienist, we all would connect on relating to a specific speaker or topic that hit home in helping us better our delivery to patients.

The trip also allowed the staff a chance to interact on a personal level. After fully loaded informational days in courses, we also took advantage of exploring the great city of San Francisco! I particularly enjoyed being able to engage with my fellow teammates throughout the entire conference. Our team spirit resonated throughout the conference as we proudly wore our CDA team shirts!

Jasmine Pazmino, Patient Liaison 

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