Why the Team Ended up Flying Through the Air…

Trapeze School? Yep, I surprised the team.

They didn’t know until we pulled up in the car – for a good reason.  AND, just to let you in on a secret – I am TERRIFIED of heights!

I picked an activity that would stretch our minds (and bodies) beyond our usual limits. I KNOW that most of our patients would not pick “going to the dentist” as their first item on their bucket list-many times because of fear!  Overcoming our fears is huge-whether it is on a trapeze bar, going to the dentist, or public speaking. As a TEAM we encouraged each other to climb the ladder, swing on a bar and “drop”. The “I DID IT” moments in life are huge!

Some of us may actually go back to try the trapeze bar again! Even for those of us that may not -jumping off the ledge was invigorating and let us know that we can do anything that we set our minds to – especially when our team is their to catch us when we fall!

Danine Fresch

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