Why Are We Looking at Your Tonsils?

Why are we looking at your tonsils and throat and asking you if you snore?

Our practice takes a very holistic and comprehensive view of your oral health. We have always said that your mouth is part of your body. Science is beginning to validate what we have known empirically all along. If there is infection in your mouth, it is going to the rest of your body. Not only is your mouth connected to your heart health, but the shape of your palate and perhaps enlarged tonsils can lead to more snoring and breathing troubles.

We believe in completing oral cancer checks because oral cancer is on the rise (especially in younger people) and unfortunately, if it is not caught early, it has a very poor prognosis. While we are looking at your tongue and throat, we are also looking at how much air you can get through your windpipe and mouth. Patients that have enlarged tonsils, a palate that blocks the airway, or teeth that are malpositioned may find themselves at a sleep physician via our office referral. Lack of sleep causes many serious problems, including car accidents, lack of focus and increases in strokes. This may be caused by sleep apnea, a true interminent break in your breathing, a gasping for air while sleeping or snoring. Sleep appliances are only one way to help combat this condition.

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