Jack had overcrowding which was corrected with Invisalign. Treatment was completed in about one year at our dental office.


“Feel free to cite my experience; as you know, I’m a very happy patient, both with the outstanding impact on my smile, and the amazing service and support your team provided during my cosmetic dental treatment. It was the comprehensiveness of my initial visit to your dentist office, plus your great way of making options and choices easy to understand, that convinced me to undergo Invisalign treatment.

Less than two months after starting the cosmetic dental treatment, I learned that my family would be moving to North Carolina. I cannot express my appreciation for how flexible you and the entire team have been about fitting my ongoing treatment into an irregular travel schedule that brought me back to Northern Virginia on short notice and with many last minute changes. I know I must have been THE problem patient of 2006-2007 when it came to schedule changes, but everyone in the office always treated me as if it were the most natural thing in the world. When we moved, I expected to switch orthodontists to our new location; I’m so glad that I didn’t!

While I probably wouldn’t have gotten braces for cosmetic dental correction alone, I have to admit that I’m delighted with the improved smile. I was 46 years old before anyone commented on my having a nice smile (of course, I was 46 before I had a nice smile); I’m embarrassed to admit how good that felt!

I’m really glad to have a chance to thank you and the whole team for such a great experience at your dentist office.

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