Repairing Chips and Fractures/Bonding


Shane is a teen swimmer who hit the swimming pool edge and cracked his two front teeth. With no anesthesia and no discomfort, we restored his two front teeth and his young adult confidence through cosmetic dentistry! Thoroughly (deep) cleaning his teeth, whitening and composite bonding were used to obtain this attractive result.


Written by child’s mother;

“Recently, my 14-year-old son had cosmetic dental work completed at your facility. The experience was so positive; I felt it necessary to put it in writing.

After wearing braces for two years, and trying several over-the-counter whitening products, my son continued to be very self conscious and unhappy with the appearance of his teeth. When photos were taken he usually smiled with his lips closed. Even though his teeth were straight and he had routine cleaning visits, his teeth were stained, the overall color was uneven, and two of the upper front teeth had significant chips.

During the consultation meeting, my son was quite impressed with how he was treated “as an adult” at the dental office. You and your staff were very considerate of his concerns and sought his input on the outcome he wished to achieve. While the work was being completed, your gentle and friendly staff alleviated my son’s anxiety. The virtual movie helped too.

The results were outstanding! Having a great smile does a lot to boost a teenager’s confidence. As a mom, it brings me great pleasure to see my son flash his handsome smile. Thank you for your expertise and for providing such a positive experience. Feel free to show before and after photos to other patients who wish to see similar results.


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