Preventative Dentistry in Arlington, VA

Preventative Dentistry Arlington, VA

Why Consider Preventative Dentistry at Clarendon Dental Arts?

At Clarendon Dental Arts in Arlington, VA, we take care of your mind by providing a relaxing, calm, comfortable and nurturing environment. With the amenities of a spa, our team will create an experience that will soothe even the most fearful patients. Conscious oral sedation is also available to assist in your preventative dentistry care, along with warm blankets, scented eye masks, movies and ipods. We want you to feel pampered and relaxed when you visit us, while we take care of your mouth, mind, and body!

Why Is Preventative Dentistry Necessary?

Periodontal disease is a chronic disease that affects three out of four adults. Most importantly, Periodontal disease may occur without any warning signs until its advanced stages, when irreversible changes to the gums and bone may have already occurred resulting in the loss of bone and possibly teeth. Early prevention and continued preventative dentistry can alter these results.

The direct correlation between oral disease and increased risk of: diabetes, cardiovascular disease (heart attack and stroke), complications with pregnancy, hormonal irregularities, vitamin deficiencies and many other systemic implications, has furthered our obligations as ambassadors of oral health and preventative dentistry to assure that our patients reach a healthy state of mouth.

Goals of Preventative Dentistry

The goal of oral health (and thus Preventative Dentistry) is achieved through routine evaluations of the health of our patients’ periodontal structure (gums, teeth and bone). Evaluating their oral bacterial content and introducing alternate in-office and homecare modalities of care helps to achieve increased oral health. The use of prescription fluorides, electric toothbrushes and prescribed changes in the in-office frequency of care are all methods of  preventative dentistry – effectively reducing oral disease, and subsequently altering physical health care needs.

Benefits of Preventative Dentistry

Seeing your Dentist and Dental Hygienist routinely can significantly impact the overall health of your mouth and body. Preventative dentistry care allows for minimally invasive treatment at the earliest stages of oral disease, followed by routine care to arrest any future oral concerns. Scientific understanding of the significant impact of our oral health status and our bodies’ physical state has greatly increased over the past generation.

Preventive dentistry may alter a patient’s diabetic or cardiovascular state, allowing them to achieve a healthy physical state and change and or discontinue their need for daily medications. (consult with your M.D.). Dentistry and Medical Science are working collectively to help patients reach these goals. Changes in diet, exercise and oral health allow for improved physical health.

Modalities of Care

Our role as facilitators of non-surgical preventative dentistry incorporates the following modalities of care to achieve optimum oral health.

  • Medical history updates to evaluate blood pressure, and medications that may impact oral health through dryness and inflammation of the gums.
  • Structural soft tissue examination (probing) to determine the foundational support provided by the gums and, evaluation of the presence of gum and periodontal disease.
  • Digital x-rays to evaluate the teeth for early decay patterns and evaluation of the supportive bone structure.
  • Advanced oral cancer testing technology, screening for precancerous changes.
  • DNA and genetic testing available to determine oral disease patterns
  • Saliva bacterial testing to determine the quality of bacterial count
  • Blood testing, as needed to determine the risk of early-onset of diabetes
  • Fluoride Care: in-office and prescription home use. Multiple types of fluoride are available for in-office care; your hygienist will determine the delivery system that best suits your individual oral health needs.
  • Sealant application to prevent the early onset of decay on the biting surfaces of the teeth.
  • Routine evaluations of existing restorative work, filling, crowns, for correct fit, longevity, and disease prevention.
  • Invisalign line evaluation: evaluations of the teeth and gums to determine if straightening the teeth through Invisalign can assist in disease prevention and result in healthier gums, and reduced bacterial deposit in the blood stream.
  • Night Guard intervention: Continual monitoring of the teeth to determine that detrimental clenching and or grinding is not occurring. Clenching and grinding impacts the health of the teeth, gums, underlying bone and can cause great discomfort to the TMJ.
  • Ultrasonic technology and Laser technology to reduce bacterial infection through the removal of bacterial deposits on the teeth and disinfect the mouth.
  • Antibiotics: placement of localized antibiotics, or the use of systemic medications to reduce oral infection.
  • Nonsurgical scaling and root planning with adjunctive antibiotics and laser technology to regain supportive gum structure in diseased sites. This is facilitated through full mouth disinfection, followed by quadrant scaling and rooting therapy and the removal of bacteria present on the root structure of the teeth.

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Our ultimate goal through preventative dentistry is to care for your Mouth, Mind and Body. We are located in Arlington, VA close to Washington D.C., Rosslyn, Lyon Park, Fort Myer, Cherrydale and Virginia Square.

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