Restorative Dentistry


Our practice strongly believes in comprehensive treatment. Our goal is to restore your mouth to optimum health so that you enjoy dental health for the rest of your life (not just the next six months or year). We believe that excellent oral health allows you to enjoy a healthier emotional and physical state of well being.

Restorative dentistry take on many forms. We elect to restore each tooth with the most conservative yet, proactive approach that is scientifically available. The most common types of restorative dentistry include:


Fillings: Various health issues are associated with mercury fillings that are not present in newer materials. Therefore, our practice does not restore teeth with silver fillings. Newer composite materials, for example, bond to the teeth to ensure greater strength (and frequently) these fillings can be resurfaced with age, rather than removing the entire filling. Additionally, they look much more natural – key to all of our restorative dentistry methodologies.


Crowns: Crowns are coverings that are placed over the majority of the tooth to restore its full functioning. Crowns can be made with many materials (porcelain, porcelain over metal, or gold) in restorative dentistry. Sometimes various teeth on the same patient require different materials.


Veneers: Porcelain veneers are one of the most aesthetically pleasing restorations used in creating a more beautiful smile through restorative dentistry. Veneers consist of thin shells made from porcelain, which are custom fitted and then bonded to the tooth (they can be thought of as similar to an “artificial fingernail”). Veneers can be made of various types of porcelain, which are all dependent upon the thickness required. Lumineers, for instance, (a brand of thin veneers) require very little preparation. The most important element of veneers is that they appear natural and, patients enjoy the benefits of this restorative dentistry modality whether for improved health and/or esthetics for many years.

Under Composite Veneers: Composite veneers are faster than porcelain veneers to place because of the lack of lab fabrication time. They can be set and fixed within one visit and cost less money. In fact, the composite resin used will expand and contract with natural fluctuations in tooth size, which, combined with the additional volume the resin takes up, makes it the perfect choice for repairing fractured teeth.

Our ultimate goal through restorative dentistry is to care for your Mouth, Mind and Body. We are located in Arlington, VA close to Rosslyn, Lyon Park, Fort Myer, Cherrydale and Virginia Square.

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