Smile Rejuvenation


Our dental practice strongly believes in comprehensive treatment. Our goal is to restore your mouth to optimum health so that you enjoy dental health for the rest of your life (not just the next six months or year). A few cases of happy patients after a complete smile rejuvenation through porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening and reconstruction.


Porcelain Veneers/Reconstruction

This patient had several restorations that were in need of repair. Most of her teeth were severely worn and Gail gave us the opportunity to create a healthy, new smile for her. We performed minor laser gum recontouring, eliminated the wear, established a new bite plane and gave her the smile she truly wanted and all of her friends admire.


Smile Rejuvenation Case

His past dentistry had been a patchwork (temporary treatments) of triaged work done over his military career. Although, initially it had been done well, each unit was beginning to break down and was mismatched. With a comprehensive treatment plan that included our office orchestrating specialists to work with Dave, the final result was wonderful. His smile illustrates everything!



This patient presented with patched dentistry and a great deal of pain. After we established the patient’s trust, we were able to help him overcome his fears and provide him with both the smile he desired and the reconstructive work he required.

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