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Marcia B.5 Star Review Posted July 2019

Dr. Fresch provides excellent dental care and is a compassionate professional. She is conservative in her approach and doesn’t over-treat. Dr. Fresch takes time to develop a relationship with the patient and is genuinely interested in their lives. My entire family sees her and the amazing staff. We actually look forward to our dental visits…and I’ve never been able to say that! The 7am start time is convenient. Kudos to Michelle and Jessica at the front who juggle a ton and make sure there are dog treats for the local canines. Marcia B (happy patient)”

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Myles S.5 Star Review Posted July 2019

“Best place to go get a teeth cleaning or anything else you may need They do a phenomenal job. “

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Nancy C.5 Star Review Posted June 2019

“The most efficient and attentive dental team. They offered noise-canceling headphones and a warm towel, making it an almost spa-like. Every other dentist I have been to pales by comparison. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave the team caters to your every need, ensuring that your visit is the best and most comfortable that it can be”

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Alison C.5 Star Review Posted June 2019

“As always, Danine and her team deliver a 5-star experience: a warm welcome, expert dental care and a holistic and proactive approach to health. It is easy to recommend them highly after every visit!”

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Marcia B.5 Star Review Posted June 2019

“The office staff were professional and engaging. The dentist was prompt, thorough, knowledgeable and patient. She offered the right care and didn’t over treat, yet was concerned about my comfort. Dr. Fresch is a tooth warrior and I appreciate her approach very much.”

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Baurian S.5 Star Review Posted May 2019

“I found Dr. Fresch’s practice after a long search for a dental professional whom I could trust. Danine Fresh is the “quarterback” in my dental saga and exactly the person I was looking for. She outlined every possibility my teeth and gums needed. She brought together expertise from different fields of dentistry and will guide me through to the point where I would be able to enjoy my smile, chew my food and be a person with healthy teeth.”

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Rossanna M.5 Star Review Posted May 2019

“Great service!!!”

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Claire C.5 Star Review Posted April 2019

“Dr Fresch and the people who work with her have created a great team of dental health providers. Every staff member in every position is kind, courteous, and professional. I’m always treated on time, given all the information I need, and leave knowing exactly what is next for me and when. Dr Fresch makes up-to-date training for her team a high priority. I value this in the rapidly changing world of dental technology.”

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Isabelle M.5 Star Review Posted April 2019

“Dr. Fresch and her team are all friendly, caring professionals. The office environment is very calming, making each visit a relaxing experience.”

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Rebecca M.5 Star Review Posted February 2019

“At Clarendon Dental Arts you get not only top-rate dental care but also genuine kindness, understanding and caring. Wonderful people.”

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Alexandra B.5 Star Review Posted February 2019

“Coming from someone who used to dread going to the dentist… the staff here has made me feel so comfortable at each visit and I never leave disappointed. Thankful for the above and beyond care! Having a great dental team has made all the difference.”

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Shiloh E.5 Star Review Posted February 2019

“I have been going here for years, they are friendly, they do great work, they take care of each patient, and they work hard to ensure you get the work you need. They are persistent and effective with getting things through some difficult insurance processes. Also they use up to date technology and finally they provide entertainment for longer procedures, Movies, Music etc. Excellent Dentist.”

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