I don’t really know how to begin to thank you.

I don’t really know how to begin to thank you. I know I can never put into words what your skill, patience; understanding and simple kindness has done for me – well beyond your dental services.

The services and all the extras were perfect. Everyone, from your front office, to the dental hygienist and dental assistants to you has been unfailingly professional yet very personally understanding, supportive and appropriately humorous at just the right times. You have every right to be proud of each and every one of them, and of the practice you have built. It is surprising for me to realize it has been almost two years since you started to completely restore all of my teeth. For the first time in my memory, nothing hurts! I actually smile, and sometimes realize it, too. Over that long period of time, you have displayed this uncanny ability to know just when to push forward with the work, and when to slow down because I needed it emotionally. You also were wonderful in taking the time to explain what we needed to do, what to expect, and when the unexpected came up, what needed to be handled differently. Your personal standard of excellence is obvious and on display for all to see. In the end, all I can say is thank you.


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